Golf Videos 2020

We are excited to present to you our first golf-related videos. We know many of you do not have access to the course in order to try these techniques and drills, but we thought it was a good time to share a little info that could make all the difference in your game.

Please take a minute to view the videos below and feel free to reach out with any questions about either subject, as neither is all-encompassing but both are filled with information that if properly assimilated, will be helpful to all!

Bunker Play - Mild Slopes

This short bunker video is about greenside splash or explosion shots. In it, I share some information on one of the nuances. Although there are many types of swings and sand shots to be played, the information below is key to judging your shot correctly.  Enjoy and feel free to share it with your friends!

Putting Around the World

I know many of you would call this a "give me" putt or as Les Marks used to put it "a self concession", that being said this is one of my favorite drills and if you spend a little time on this you will see some drastic imporvement. Try it out to build confidence around the hole while enjoying a fun little internal game!

Putting - Random Practice

This putting practice video is all about how you practice. Our good friend and ex Director of Golf, Luke Broserhous detailed this in his book "Authentic Practice". I had been using this routine for years and understood why it worked so well after reading the book. Please remember that Random Practice should be part of everyone's practice routine but as you become a better player its need will increase. So those of you who have just gotten into the game please set aside a little time for Random Practice and for our more accomplished players please understand that this should be a majority of your practice regiment.

Bunker Play - Long Shots 

This bunker video is about long bunker shots. Many people choose to pick these shots clean but I find a splash / explosion shot with a longer, less lofted club is a more repeatable and predictable play. Take a look and tell me what you think!

Full Swing - Uneven Lies

This Uneven Lie video is about how to mitigate some of the slopes while playing our beloved Fazio course. We are fortunate to have lots of undulation in our fairways and this provides and golf experience that engages the mind and body on every round. That being said, a little understanding can make these lies very manageable and enjoyable. A little time spent on this and you will be surprised how quickly you can judge, adjust and play from a lie that may have scared you in the past. 

Course Management

This Course Management video is about making decisions on the course. Players often tell me how inconsistent they are and although I am quick to remind them that tour players can have a 10 stroke swing between rounds it is important to remember that our decisions on the golf course can lead to some large variances. With a little understanding of your game and of the risks and rewards of the course you may be able to consistently shed some strokes off of your scores.

Practice Area – Alignment & Divot Pattern

This Practice Area – Alignment & Divot Pattern video is packed with valuable information to make you feel and look like a pro when practicing. Are you getting the most out of the time you put in?

Swing Basics – The Grip

This Swing Basics – The Grip video is a great go to for those who have taken some time off and are looking to get back in the swing of things. Please share this with junior, beginners and seasoned players as we all need a reminder on the building blocks of the swing!

Putting - Chalk Line

This Putting - Chalk Line video is a great drill to work on, especially with the limited time most of you have on the course these days. Hard wiring an understanding of whats straight and making sure you start the ball online each time is a key component of being a great putter. I hope this video starts you on a journey to be the best putter you can be. Remember, drive for show and putt for dough!  

Full Swing

This Full Swing video about how to flight your ball into the wind gives you an easy option to allow you to use the swing you have spent so much time building. There are many ways to keep the ball low but even great players can get into trouble when augmenting their swings for a specific shot. Watch closely and give it a try!

Golf Fitness

This Golf Fitness video created by our golf professional Cecilia Ampudia covers some of the building blocks of the golf swing. Remember your body is a tool that you can modify to pursue your goals as a golfer. A little time on the basics can go a long way to making sure you play at the level you aspire to for years to come! Please feel free to reach out to Cecilia with any questions on how to hone your body for golf. 

For more information about our golf fitness excercises please contact Cecilia at  

Putting - Three Paces

This Putting - Three Paces video demonstrates a drill that will help you learn more about your preferences as a putter. The drill will also give advanced players a chance to make adjustments to conditions or courses. If you play multiple golf courses, it can be tough to make the transition in green speed. A little bit of time with this drill will give you the confidence to make putts on any speed of green!

Golf Swing Fitness Exercise

This Golf Swing Fitness Exercise video created by our golf professional Cecilia Ampudia covers some great flexibility exercises for you to increase your rotational capability (upper body) and your balance (lower body). Give these a try and please let Cecilia know if you have any questions or want to increase your potential on the golf course!

Getting Back Into Golf

This Getting Back Into Golf video details some of the basic ways I will be starting to regain my swing and feel for the golf game. I haven't taken this kind of time off for years and how you work back into the game will dictate how quickly you return to form or better. I apologize for the length of the video but its a sizable subject and I wanted to include some shots of me swinging so you can see its not an easy path back. Plus, many of you have requested to see me demonstrate. Enjoy and let me know if there is anything we can do to assist you.